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A look back into the life of sedentary

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Keith Chambers
23 November
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Underconstruction (Permanently.)

But oh well. 2002 BHS graduate. Proud. Proudest of all. Really proud to be here.

For the sake of writing, let me give you a little introduction to the Writer's Side... of Keith.

I have experience in AP style writing. I spent four quarters of the college experience in journalism. My feature writing has been published in American Sweeper and later reprinted in Government Industries.

I am a comedy writer for The Nightly Show, which is a venture of Daniel Solzman. (Video soon to be linked)

I truly love to write. Hopefully my future leads me down that path.

Voted Sehome High School sophomore class homecoming royalty.

RIP Andrew Jones, 19 years old.
RIP Dad. Thank you for everything. 56 years old.

OWNER OF LIVEJOURNAL'S "haven't paid a fuckin' dime" AWARD.

Six LiveJournal rules of posting etiquette:

1. If you saw something on LiveJournal, take issue with it on LiveJournal. Don't stretch out problems you see online into real social interaction without prior consent.
2. More comments does not mean more relevance. Like I have said before, and have been quoted on, an important entry might garnish one or two responses, while a post like "NACHOS!!!!!!!" is a wealth for other people's opinions.
3. Don't make any assumptions about anybody because of their LiveJournal posts alone. Instead, get to know them, and then see if your original assumption holds water.
4. "First post!" is not an acceptable first post.
5. LiveJournal is an acceptable place to arrange meetings. However, the privacy of such meeting will be jeopardized if you post it as an unsecured comment. So, if you see eight or nine people you weren't expecting to see, tough.
6. Useless, or filler, posts do not need apology. I'm so tired of seeing "I'm sorry for taking up space on your friends page" or "I'm sorry this doesn't mean anything." Post and be done. People might enjoy posts you are sorry for.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in massive public humiliation.

I. Love. Lamp.

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