Keith Chambers (salivar) wrote,
Keith Chambers

This day...

June 24: "Today was just one of those days where I didn't want to leave my apartment. So I didn't."

Today, which is eleven days later... yeah, same damn feeling. Here we are again.

I just don't know sometimes. I have days that are great and days where I just feel miserable and useless. These days will, of course, always happen to me. I just have to manage it and believe that the pain of depression is temporary.

I believe the pain of depression is temporary -- that's why I fight and press on. That's why I am hanging in there instead of hanging from something, so to speak. I just hate every depressed day I have. Like, a lot. It's a type of day where I really wish I didn't have to experience every emotion but can't muster up the strength to do anything about it.

Long story short, fuck me sometimes.

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